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GOOGLE TASK MATE APP: An app that makes you earn money while completing simple tasks through your smartphone. If you're searching for "Google task Mate app referral code", every information is given below.


What is the Google Task Mate app? | Google Task Mate App

Google Task Mate App is an app that makes you earn money by just doing simple tasks. It’s a beta app made and developed by Google that gives you access to several tasks that are being posted by businesses around the world.

Examples of tasks that you need to complete:

·       Take a photo of a nearby restaurant.

·       Answer Survey questions.

·       Translate sentences from English to your local language, etc.

All you need to do is, find a task nearby in Google Task Mate app, complete a task to begin earning, cash out your earnings.

Why Google Task Mate is Limited to Testers? | Google Take Mate App

Google Task Mate is limited to selected testers as google is just testing out this app in India and currently they are working on it. Google is testing out this app in India to hopefully launch it in India as it allows everyone to earn money by completing several tasks being access by Google Task Mate to users.

Currently, they’re working on this amazing app but they did roll out its beta version for testing and can have feedback from testers. It is only accessible by a referral code or an Invitation code given by Google itself.

How to use Google Task Mate App?

As we can see in screenshots user has to choose one task where several tasks are given, after choosing one or participating in any of the tasks all you need to do is complete it. If you want to skip the task, you can skip it as you will. As you can see in the screenshot there are several tasks like record spoken sentences, transcribe sentences, check shop details, take photos of shopfronts.

There are categories of tasks present in the Google Task Mate app, it is categorized into sections,

·       Sitting Tasks

·       Field Tasks

These tasks are considered simple by google originated from businesses around the world. These tasks also require the user to visit businesses close to users and click pictures as it clearly asks users to take pictures of shopfronts or even restaurants. Estimated time will be given to users to reach the spot. Google will use this data and survey to improve its mapping services and also bring businesses in people’s local area online.

Google Take Mate Payment method? | How to Earn Online from Google Task Mate App?

After completion, you’ll be rewarded in terms of money which can be cash out in local currency to their account with help of some third-party payment processor. For cashing out money, users have to be registered on an e-wallet or account with the Task Mate or payment partner app of Task Mate app. But you can only cash out if you have a minimum of $10 in your e-wallet.

How to download Google Task Mate App? | Task Mate Referral Code

It is simply available on the Play Store. You can download this app from there. Currently, this app is available in the beta version only and it only works on a referral system to use the app. The only way to access the app is by getting a referral code which is available through Google Task Invitations.

Google Task Mate Referral Code? | Another way for Google Task Mate Invitation code

Google has invited 100 bloggers to test this app in India and they can share or invite their referral codes to invite more people on this app. Only those bloggers can send Google Task Mate referral code to others.

Google Task Mate Referral Code Limit?

Google has invited only a few people to the Google Task Mate app for testing this app in India. But there's one more limit if you have a Google Task Mate Invitation code, you can only invite a maximum of three users. This is google's way of expanding this app.

In last, this app is a really amazing app as it allows us to earn real money, unlike Google Opinion Rewards which only provided Play Store Credits. Google Task Mate App will really be helpful for students to earn extra pocket money and for even housewives who want to work. This app will solve lots of small problems and it’ll be a great boost up for all kinds of businesses especially small businesses who are trying to get online and increase their businesses online. Sales will increase, their product value will increase, the rate of customers will increase and lots of merit points and many more to add for Google Task Mate App. All you need is an invitation code or Google task mate referral code. Google might take some decisions regarding the Google Task Mate app in the coming future.

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